Discover the latest EV Chargers: Teltonika's TeltoCharge

Discover the latest EV Chargers: Teltonika's TeltoCharge

Powering the Future with Teltonika and the TeltoCharge EV Charger

At Suncia, we pride ourselves on offering the latest and most innovative products in the renewable energy market. As we expand into the EV sector, we are thrilled to introduce a premium partner, Teltonika, and their product, the TeltoCharge EV charger.

About Teltonika Energy

Teltonika Energy is a division of the Teltonika IoT Group, a global leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. With a specialization in vehicle tracking, internet connectivity, EV chargers, telemedicine, and electronics manufacturing, Teltonika has been at the forefront of technological innovation for 26 years.

With offices in 24 countries and a workforce of over 2500 colleagues, Teltonika has developed more than 100 products, sold in over 160 countries. They produce an impressive 7 million devices annually, with over 25 million devices already deployed worldwide. Their headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Lithuania, featuring state-of-the-art centers in Vilnius and Moletai.

Looking to the future, Teltonika plans to develop a vast manufacturing complex in Lithuania called "High Tech Hill," where they will produce everything from product shells to PCBs and microchips. This ambitious project will enhance their delivery times and customization capabilities, ensuring even better service for their clients.

Introducing the TeltoCharge EV Charger

In the rapidly evolving EV market, the TeltoCharge EV charger stands out with its blend of user-friendly features and advanced technology. Designed for a variety of settings, from private homes to public stations, TeltoCharge offers unparalleled versatility and efficiency.

Customizable Design

TeltoCharge offers five front plate options — Slate Grey, Winter White, Granite Brown, Burgundy, and Accoya Wood — allowing users to match the charger's appearance to their personal style or the aesthetics of their property. Users can change the front plates themselves without needing external support, saving time and reducing costs.

All-in-one functionality

TeltoCharge's all-in-one functionality ensures safe and efficient charging through Dynamic Load Balancing, preventing blackouts even when multiple appliances are in use. Its Dynamic Load Management is ideal for apartment complexes and public spaces, effectively distributing power among several EVs to prevent grid overload and support infrastructure growth. Additionally, OCPP Connectivity facilitates seamless communication between chargers and central systems, providing real-time updates, diagnostics, and dynamic pricing.

Solar Integration

For homeowners, TeltoCharge integrates seamlessly with existing solar panel installations, thanks to its three solar charging modes. This feature allows users to fully leverage renewable energy, balance solar and grid power for efficiency, or rely on the grid during low-sun conditions.

Install with ease

The compact design also ensures it can be installed on multiple surfaces, whether on a wall or a pole, offering flexibility without compromising the building's appearance. Additionally, the mobile app provides scheduling and consumption tracking, allowing users to charge during off-peak hours and save on costs.

Why Choose Teltonika Energy?

With 25 years of experience and over 23 million devices deployed, Teltonika offers unparalleled reliability and expertise in European manufacturing. With offices in 21 countries, Teltonika ensures fast device deployment and local support in the native language, providing a convenient and efficient customer experience.

At Suncia, we ensure that our clients are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge to seamlessly integrate Teltonika products into their offerings. Teltonika provides comprehensive support through onboarding training, an extensive Wiki knowledge base, and dedicated installation support, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation process for your business.

By offering Teltonika's TeltoCharge EV charger, we are ready to meet the growing demands of the EV market with reliable and innovative solutions. The TeltoCharge combines style, efficiency, and advanced technology, making it an excellent choice for sustainable energy needs.


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