The best batteries for Deye and Solis

The best batteries for Deye and Solis

We're excited to bring you the latest news from our partner Steltec. The new compatibility list has been released this February, and we're excited to see that they are now also compatible with Deye and Solis inverters! Let's take a look at Steltec's best sellers and explore why they present a compelling choice, especially when compared to well-known brands like Huawei's LUNA2000.

Why Steltec Batteries?

Steltec batteries, while not widely recognized in Western Europe, have earned a solid reputation for their quality, reliability, and performance, particularly among installers in Italy, Romania, and Germany. With the recent compatibility expansion to include Deye and Solis inverters, Steltec batteries now present an intriguing option for installers in Western Europe. In this article we'll show you the two most commonly installed Steltec models: The Basic L1 and the Flex L1 low voltage systems.


A wall-mounted scalable solution for any home

The Flex L1 model from Steltec presents a practical solution for home energy storage. Its wall-mounted design and compact size ensure easy installation, seamlessly blending into any space. With built-in intelligent BMS it offers a straightforward option for optimizing residential energy storage systems.

A conventional floor-mounted system with integrated BMS

The Basic L1 model from Steltec offers a straightforward solution for residential energy storage. With its floor-mounted design and integrated BMS, this system eliminates the need for separate modules, simplifying installation and operation.

Reasons to choose Steltec for your projects

Discover Steltec's innovative approach to home energy storage, designed to simplify installation and maximize efficiency. With compatibility extended to Solis and Deye hybrid inverters, integrating Steltec's systems into your projects has never been easier. Here are the key benefits:

  • Built-in BMS technology for simplified installations
  • Seamless compatibility with Solis and Deye hybrid inverters
  • Competitive pricing, offering cost-effective solutions compared to leading brands

Find the official compatibility list below

Updated February 2024.

Brand Model Communication Application
Megarevo R(3-6) KL1 CAN on/ off grid
  R(5-10) KLNA CAN on/ off grid
  R(3-6) KL1-G2 CAN on/ off grid
Deye( Sunsynk) sun-(5-8) K-sg01LP1 series CAN on/ off grid
  sun-(3.6-6) K-sg03LP1 series CAN on/ off grid
  sun-(3-6) K-sg04LP1 series CAN on/ off grid
  sun-(3.6-8) K-sg05LP1 series CAN on/ off grid
  sun-(5- 12) K-sg04LP3 series CAN on/ off grid
  sun-( 12- 16) K-sg01LP1 series CAN on/ off grid
Senergy SE(4.6-6) KHB-60/ 120 CAN on/ off grid
  SE(4.6-6)KAC CAN on/ off grid
Solis S6-EH1P(3-6)K-L-PRO CAN on/ off grid
  S6-EH1P(3-6)K-L-EU CAN on/ off grid
  S6-EH1P8K-L-PRO CAN on/ off grid
VoltronicPower Axpert MKS 4 - 3.6KVA/5.6KVA RS485 off grid
Hoymiles HYS-(3.0-6.0)LV-EUG1 CAN on/ off grid
LUXPOWER LXP Hybrid 3-6K CAN on/ off grid
Afore AF(3-6)K-SL CAN on/ off grid

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