In the - not so exciting, yet absolutely necessary - world of window cleaning, Hutt stands out as a professional R&D company dedicated to revolutionizing the experience. Since its inception, HUTT has been at the forefront of research and development, with a primary focus on window cleaning robots. Let's delve into the core values, expertise, and commitment that define HUTT's journey in creating innovative, user-centric solutions.

Innovation from the Core

Established as a professional R&D company, Hutt embarked on its journey of product research and development in 2016. The company boasts a dedicated core team with diverse backgrounds, encompassing integrated circuits, material applications, industrial design, structural design, software algorithms, and embedded systems. This multidisciplinary approach equips Hutt with the capability to continuously innovate and iterate its products, ensuring a dynamic response to the evolving landscape of intelligent hardware.

Expertise in Frequency Conversion Suction Algorithm

Hutt takes pride in its rich experience in frequency conversion suction algorithms and window cleaning machine structure optimization technology. This expertise serves as a foundation for the company's continuous exploration and innovation in the field of facade cleaning. Currently holding a number of invention and utility model patents, Hutt is not only committed to pushing the boundaries of technology but also securing its position as an industry leader in smart cleaning equipment.

The Ultimate Window Cleaning Experience

At the heart of Hutt's mission is the pursuit of the ultimate window cleaning experience. The company adheres to the values of sincerity and innovation, aiming to deeply understand the needs of facade cleaning in various home scenarios. This commitment is reflected in the meticulous redesigning of internal hardware, structure, and appearance to enhance product aesthetics and deliver a superior user experience. HUTT is dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality, practical, and aesthetically pleasing smart cleaning equipment that meets the highest standards.

Respect, Openness, and Inclusivity

Hutt's approach to customer and partner relations is grounded in respect, openness, and inclusivity. The company values every customer and partner, approaching problem-solving and cooperation with an open and inclusive mindset. Hutt believes in the fundamental principle that product research and development should address the essence of the problem, offering innovative technical solutions while not overlooking any detail that can enhance the overall experience. This commitment ensures that Hutt's customers receive products that are not only practical but also beautiful.


Hutt's journey in the intelligent hardware landscape is characterized by a pursuit of innovation and a commitment to delivering the ultimate window cleaning experience. With a diverse and talented core team, a focus on cutting-edge technology, and an unwavering dedication to user satisfaction, Hutt is poised to shape the future of smart facade cleaning solutions. As we continue to explore brands in our series, Hutt's story exemplifies the transformative power of technology when combined with a passion for excellence.

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