Steltec expands!

Steltec expands!

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Introducing Steltec, a dynamic company specializing in energy storage solutions. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, Steltec has developed an impressive product range. We've had the opportunity to meet them at InterSolar Europe in Munich and have a look at their newest storage systems.

Prior to the fair, Steltec had already introduced the Focus L1 and Focus H1 systems, featuring modular designs for low voltage and high voltage applications. We will briefly recap the benefits of these systems and make a comparative analysis against other brands in the market. Additionally, we will explore Steltec's latest products, highlighting their functionality and easy of installation. Everything you need to know as an installer will be addressed so you can make the best choice for your clients' needs.

Focus L1 & Focus H1 recap

See the various component dimensions and configurations for the low- and high voltage wall-mounted tower systems below:

Focus L1

Focus L1 components Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
Battery base 515 x 200 x 90 5.0
Battery cover 515 x 200 x 50 2.5
Battery module 515 x 200 x 350 46.0
Focus L1 Full systems Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
5.22kWh 515 x 200 x 490 56.0
10.44kWh 515 x 200 x 840 102.0
15.66kWh 515 x 200 x 1190 148.0
20.88kWh 515 x 200 x 1540 194.0


Focus H1

Focus H1 components Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
Battery base 600 x 210 x 90 5.0
Battery cover 600 x 210 x 50 2.5
Battery module 600 x 210 x 160 27.0
Power module 600 x 210 x 250 14.0
Focus H1 Full systems Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
7.68kWh 600 x 210 x 870 103.5
10.24kWh 600 x 210 x 1030 130.0
12.80kWh 600 x 210 x 1190 156.5
15.36kWh 600 x 210 x 1350 183.0
17.92kWh 600 x 210 x 1510 209.5
20.48kWh 600 x 210 x 1670 236.0
23.04kWh 600 x 210 x 1830 262.5
25.60kWh 600 x 210 x 1990 289.0


The new arrivals further improve the Low Voltage range with new mounting and configuration choices:

The 3U Series: Basic L1

A floor-mounted system includes handle bars and a stacking system with each battery module. No hassle with extra options or additional components. Each battery module has everything you need to start a new system or expand an existing one.


The LV Series: Flex L1

As the name implies, the Flex L1 offers more versatility in placement and expansion when compared to the Focus L1 wall mounted systems. The Flex L1 is mounted on a wall bracket and doesn't have a supporting base on the floor. This allows for better placements depending on the clients' home situations.


Basic L1 and Flex L1 scalability

See the table below for a quick overview of the Flex L1 and Basic L1 modules and scalability

System Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Scalability
Flex L1 520 x 141.5 x 470 48.0 15 parallel
Basic L1 440 x 550 x 130 46.0 15 parallel


All-In-One series: E-home 

A popular method is to incorporate the battery system and hybrid inverter. The all-in-one solution is easily configured using the original Focus L1 battery modules and Steltec's own HB5000 inverter, enabling 5kW EPS functionality and up to 15.66kWh storage capacity.


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